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With a cow’s udder…. ūüôā

I shot this video a couple of days ago during our morning milking. ¬†I was playing with videoing and was hoping to use it to experiment with video editing. ¬†But much to my dismay, my videos are¬†automatically¬†converted into .MOV files (Quicktime) and my Windows Movie Maker doesn’t accept these files. ¬†I have reported this problem to my computer technician (my brother) who is trying to help me figure out how to make it work.

In the video you can hear The Hubby and I having our morning chat about the weather and the day’s upcoming events from opposite sides of the cow. ¬† Some mornings this is the only time we have to talk before he heads off to work. ¬†Also, I took note that the video shows the actual milking process to be around 10 minutes.

And here is an interesting fact: It takes an average of 100 squirts to get a pint of milk. ¬†That is 100 squeezes of the teat. ¬†That’s an average of 800 for a gallon. ¬†It sounds like a lot but as you watch the video you will see that it accumulates quickly.

So here it is.  Unedited, raw footage of the udderly amazing experience that we call Milking.  Enjoy!

The Milk Maid


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