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No Stink’in Way?!?!

This afternoon, while the girls and I were at our weekly home school co-op gathering, one of our cows escaped from her pasture.  The culprit cow was Tippy.  She is the calf of our milk cow.  Tippy was force weaned about 6 months ago.  She has since been residing in what we call the “weaned” pasture.  She bawled for the first week then seemed to settle into her new environment.  About 2 months ago, The Hubby enlarged the “weaned” pasture, and as a result, Tippy could see her mother from across the drive way.

The Hubby – looking for a quick fix to the problem of an escapee – stuck Tippy in the main pasture where her mother is located.  After 6 months of weaning, he felt it was safe for her to be placed in the same pasture.  Surely Maisy, our milk cow, would not let this nearly full grown heifer nurse……

The Hubby had a meeting this evening; so we went out to the barn later than usual for the night milking.  To our dismay, Maisy’s bag was completely empty.  Tippy had went right back to nursing after 6 months and Maisy let her.

I’m astonished.  I’m in shock. I can’t believe it! That little rascal!!!!! I do believe that calf  was smiling.  GGGRRR….

Lesson Learned:  “Out of sight, out of mind” does not apply to cows.

The Milk Maid


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