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When I wake up in the morning, I don’t shower and get dressed.  I pull my hair up in a pony tail and put on my comfy clothes.  This can consist of various different coordinating and non-coordinating pieces of clothing.  I have a couple of different pairs of fuzzy pants that I find to be especially warm and cozy.  My shirt of choice is usually a T-shirt earned from a mission trip, retreat, or summer camp.  If I’m really cold, I’ll top it off with my one and only sweat shirt. Oh and NO BRA!  Don’t even get me started on the evils of the “bra”!

I never leave the house looking like this.  I tried once and Thing 2 so honestly asked me (after allowing me to parade myself through the local Dollar General), “Mom, are you wearing you pajamas?”  I answered, “No.”  To which she so beautifully replied, “Well, it looks like it and its really embarrassing!”  My girls don’t tell me I’m embarrassing very often, so I made a CAPS LOCK mental note to not wear my comfy clothes out in public.

Being a homeschool mom with no real agenda in the mornings, I can get away with not making myself “up” first thing in the morning.  I get the girls up, fed and started on their school work.  I milk the cow.  I start my chores and office work.  I do all this in the comfort of my comfy clothes topped off with a glorious (unbrushed) pony tail.  I’m usually ready to shower, brush my hair and teeth, and make myself presentable around 11:00 (am).

I have been caught in my comfy clothes a couple of times by unexpected visitors.  My girls give the alert; “Mom, someone is here!”  To which I respond by rushing to the bedroom to quickly (record speed I’m sure) put on a bra and straighten my (still unbrushed) hair as to look half way acceptable to the surprise visitor on the other side of my front door.

I love my comfy clothes!  I get back into them as soon as I can get away with it in the evening.  They make me happy and it’s those little things in life that do it for me.

Oh So Comfy,

The Milk Maid


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The Milk Maid

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You are only as frugal as you take the time to be.  I like to consider myself a semi-frugal person.  I clip the coupons, save on groceries, shop thrift and consignment stores, and keep a tab on the finances.  I also like to consider my self semi-crunchy.  Eating organic meats that we butcher ourselves and milking my own cow has helped save loads on the grocery bill.

But there is so much more I could do but don’t take the time to do.  I could eat out much less.  I don’t eat out a lot but I could probably cut it out much more than I do.  Sometimes its just so darn convenient.  I could put up more veggies from the garden to reduce the number of frozen veggies I have to purchase through out the fall and winter.   But, gosh, summer is so busy with missions trips and camps and such….

To make myself feel better about my short falls, I must include my proudest frugal moment as of lately.  I just finished the last of two boxes of washing detergent that I purchased over a year ago.  I bought these two economy size boxes of Tide (love Tide!) from Amazon.com in February of last year and just used my last scoop last night.  The boxes cost me about $55 for the pair.  I guesstimate an average of one load of laundry per day.  That is a cost of 15 cents per load.  The savings isn’t so much in the cost but in the fact that I made it last so long!   I know there is that so-called homemade detergent out there that supposedly lasts forever and doesn’t cost a dime, but I’m not ready to commit to that yet.

I want to encourage everyone to continue your strive to be frugal in your financial choices.   Please share with me ways you find to be frugal.  I’m always open to new ideas!


The Milk Maid

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No Stink’in Way?!?!

This afternoon, while the girls and I were at our weekly home school co-op gathering, one of our cows escaped from her pasture.  The culprit cow was Tippy.  She is the calf of our milk cow.  Tippy was force weaned about 6 months ago.  She has since been residing in what we call the “weaned” pasture.  She bawled for the first week then seemed to settle into her new environment.  About 2 months ago, The Hubby enlarged the “weaned” pasture, and as a result, Tippy could see her mother from across the drive way.

The Hubby – looking for a quick fix to the problem of an escapee – stuck Tippy in the main pasture where her mother is located.  After 6 months of weaning, he felt it was safe for her to be placed in the same pasture.  Surely Maisy, our milk cow, would not let this nearly full grown heifer nurse……

The Hubby had a meeting this evening; so we went out to the barn later than usual for the night milking.  To our dismay, Maisy’s bag was completely empty.  Tippy had went right back to nursing after 6 months and Maisy let her.

I’m astonished.  I’m in shock. I can’t believe it! That little rascal!!!!! I do believe that calf  was smiling.  GGGRRR….

Lesson Learned:  “Out of sight, out of mind” does not apply to cows.

The Milk Maid

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