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Why do people like you?

I’m one of those people who wants everyone to like me.  It will drive me crazy if I meet someone and they don’t seem to like me instantly.  I want to stand on my head and perform circus tricks and do anything I can to make them like me.  Sometimes, I probably go overboard and push people away, but I just want to me to like me.  I want it oh so badly!

In my random thought patterns, I started thinking about this.  What makes a person like me?  What makes people like others?  What makes me like others?  I’m sure there is some psychological explanation for it but I’m not on that intellect level so I’m just going to think it out; here on this computer screen.

When I meet someone, I don’t like to feel snubbed.  I want them to be open to receiving me, my personality, and all my quirkiness.  I try to like everyone I meet; though, I do fail in the judgmental arena.  I often scold myself for judging others based on their outward appearance or what I may have heard of them prior to actually meeting them.  If I want people to give me a chance, then I should definitely return the favor to them.  I should approach the meeting with an open mind and heart.

But what is it about me that makes someone like me?  I would love people to see the image of Christ in me.   I hope they see kindness and hospitality.  I hope they see an open heart and open mind.   I want them to see a loving person and a good friend.

I am interested to know what you look for in a new friend?  Are you open to new friends or do you prefer your personal group of friends?  What do you want people to like about you?

Curiously Yours,

The Milk Maid


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Have you given up on me yet?  Did you think I’d never come back?  I wasn’t so sure myself.

It has been an extremely busy summer for me and my family.  After two weeks of initial recovery from my surgery in May, we headed off to Alabama for a missions trip with Builders for Christ.  Two weeks later, our friends, The Price Family, came for a month-long stay.  During three of these weeks, The Hubby and I, along with Mother Price and her teenage daughters, counseled children at our church’s bible camp.  One week, Thing 1 attended a Horse/Bible Camp.  One week, Snapper and I headed to Nashville, TN for a music camp.  Snapper learned so much during that time and we hope to return next year.

After Mother Price and her brood departed for their new home in Florida, we enjoyed one week with a taste of normalcy.  But there was still one more week of camp to accomplish before life returned to normal.  On the first day of August, Snapper headed to Diabetes Camp.  Thing 1 and I spent this week having some “woman” time and lots of shopping!

Now it is August 10th, and we are beginning our second day back to school; homeschool that is.  The first day started out bumpy and I lost my temper right away.  Today, is starting better.  The girls are in the kitchen making themselves some breakfast.  Soon they will sit down at their perspective tables (Thing 1 in the breakfast room and Snapper in the dining room), and start their schoolwork.

Our local homeschool co-op will resume at the end of the month.  The girls are registered for classes and eager to get started.  I have once again taken up the hat of Commitment Coordinator for the co-op.  I love my administrative position and wouldn’t trade it for a teaching position for all the riches in the world.  I can teach my kids but I’m not quite so gracious when teaching others.

I love this feeling of normalcy.  I have found that I needed it more than I knew.  I have been feeling out of sorts during the last few weeks.  We adults thrive with structure and scheduling just as much as children do.

After such a busy summer and with hunting season coming up (The Hubby), we decided to dry up our milk cow for a season.  We have been with out milking duties for about two weeks now.  I miss it but enjoy the freedom.  We are purchasing raw milk from friends who are also family.

I hope to get back to my blogging on a regular basis again.

See you soon,

The Milk Maid

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Thing 2 is Snapper.  Snapper is my quirky child.

At a young age, we noticed that Snapper had some facial and body tics.  These have changed forms over the years; from repetitive blinking to full body jerks.  It used to be that she couldn’t control them once they started.  Now you see them sneak out when she is nervous or concentrating or when she is trying to tell you something.  Sometimes it is cute; Sometimes it is annoying.

Her latest tic….. Snapping!  At first it was cute; now it is annoying.  She snaps her fingers constantly (or so it seems).  She walks up to me to tell me something and her fingers are snapping.  She is eating with one hand and the other one is snapping.  She is watching a movie and she is snapping.  She is walking through the yard and she is snapping.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Let me prove my point.  She has a blister on her middle finger from snapping so much.  Did you know you could form a blister from snapping too much?  Oh Yeah!  You can!

This one isn’t as obvious to others because it is something that kids do.  Kids snap their fingers.  But if you hang around long enough, you will find that this kid doesn’t stop.

It sounds like I’m complaining when I’m really not.  It is cute….. For the first 1/2 of the day… Then she walks up to me to tell me something and it is all I can do to not scream “STOP SNAPPING AND TALK!”.   She should be in a snapping contest.  This kids has talent in the snapping business.

I love my Snapper!  She is my girly girl.  She is my pink loving princess.  She is my snuggler.  She is my sweet baby girl.

Snapper loves to play her fiddle.  She started showing interest in the violin/fiddle when she was 4 years old.  I bought her a 1/4 size fiddle off of ebay.  It was so small.  She would bow the fiddle and just listen to the sounds it would make.  Then she would smile at me and say, “Mommy, it sings to me.”  So precious!  Snapper isn’t motivated in her academic studies but I can always get her to play her fiddle.  She is going to attend the Fine Arts Summer Academy hosted by the Annie Moses Band in Nashville, TN.  What an amazing opportunity!  I’m so proud of my little fiddler.

Snapper loves living the farm life.  She loves the animals and all that goes into them.  She truly cares for them.  She cries when an animal is hurt or dies.  She loves all animals.  She can spend hours with the dogs, cows and chickens.  Her newest farm ambition is to raise her own beef calf.  She is helpful in the garden and wants to grow her own flowers.  Snapper is a country bumpkin!

Snapper doesn’t have a large group of friends.  Snapper doesn’t need a lot of friends.  When she was 4, she attended a 1/2 day pre-school program.  She befriended one little boy and said she didn’t need any more friends.  That is how she is today.  She has a hand full of friends and she is perfectly content with them.  She would be happy with one friend; just one person to be nice to her and make her feel special.

I love my Snapper!  She is God’s gift to me!

The Milk Maid

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There are lots of bad things that can be said about all the social networking websites that can be found on the world wide web.  Our teenagers lack person to person conversation skills.  They talk in TXT.  OMG, LOL, ROFL….. etc……  The up and coming generation can’t spell because spell check does it for you.  I can go on and on about all the reasons we shouldn’t rely on technology to get us through the day.

But that is not what this post is about.  I want to point out a benefit to social networking websites.

On Tuesday, I saw a lady I graduated high school with.  We were both getting coffee at the same coffee shop.  I haven’t seen her in at least 2 or 3 years if not long.  I asked her about recently getting married.  How did I know she got married?  Because we are friends on Facebook.

On Wednesday, I saw a lady that I went to church and the same school ( a few grades below me) with during my childhood.  I haven’t seen her in at least 5 years.  We talked about her new baby girl and how she was enjoying motherhood.  How did I know she had recently had a baby?  Because we are friends on Facebook.

I read blogs that are written by people I know but haven’t seen in years.  I look forward to the day we run into each other.  I can ask about their children by name.  It doesn’t feel like years of absence but weeks.


The Milk Maid

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That describes how I feel today.  I just want to lay in bed, waller in my own pity, cry a self-pity cry, and HULU the day away.  This is the first day since my surgery that I have felt like this.  I don’t know if it is hormones (I still have my ovaries) or just a byproduct of 9 days of NOTHING!

Okay, not really NOTHING.  I have had some awesome peeps drop by this week.  My lovely friends, Sarah and Faith, dropped by on Monday.  They brought food and visited for a while.  Sarah gave me a pedicure which was oh so divine!  I love having pretty toes and I don’t get them very often.  Then on Wednesday, my sweet and dear friends, Penni, Cassie, Mandie, and Kelli, came by in the morning.  When they arrived, Thing 1 was in the process of putting up an escaped cow, so Penni helped wrangle it back into the pasture.  These awesome ladies cleaned my kitchen and weeded my garden.  They brought casseroles for the freezer and fridge.  I have received 3 cards in the mail and a get well package from my homeschool co-op peeps.  Truly I am blessed with the best of friends and I am honored to be counted amongst them!

I am officially a HULU junkie!  You know what HULU is right?  All that TV that you cut off cable for (because it is nothing you want your kids watching) available on the internet the day after it shows on cable or satellite TV.  I am completely caught up on “House”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “Bones”.  I have watched all the available episodes to “90210” and “Chuck” which are new shows to me.  And I’m out to find some other new shows to enjoy.

I call The Hubby two to three times everyday while he is a work to express my boredom.  He is really quick sympathetic and caring about it all.  I wasn’t feeling all that great yesterday afternoon and he offered to come home to take care of me.  Truly he has been great all through these 9 days.  He has tried to lift my spirits by teasing me and watching movies with me.  I won’t mention that he called me “fat and sassy” while on the phone with his mother.  STINKER!

One might think that being waited on for everything would be quite the luxury.  One might think it nice to not have to cook for 2 weeks minimum.  Right?  Not that I’m complaining…. But when one is accustomed to doing things for one’s self, it is very hard to depend upon everyone else in one’s life to do everything for you.  Thing 2 is never in a hurry for anything.  She lives at her own pace.  When I’m hungry, I need something to sustain me pretty quickly.  Thing 2 sees no need to hurry.  My sister has been over several evenings to help with dinner and such (which has been mostly warming up food since my peeps have been providing meals).  This allows things to move along a little faster.  The laundry is a little behind schedule.  Not that it really had a schedule but it’s not getting done like I would have done it.  Ya know?  And I know that they are trying hard and taking on more than they are used to… I’m really not complaining… It’s just hard to sit here and do NOTHING!

Well, I’m rambling now.  I’ll just conclude by saying that it is a hard thing as a happily married woman to go SIX weeks without sex. That is all I have to say about that!

Wallering in my own pity,

The Milk Maid

P.S.  Waller is southern for wallow. I’m not sure how you would spell it considering it is a slang word.

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I received a blug from my sis-in-law over at DOWNSIDE UP AND OUTSIDE IN.  A blug is a blog hug.

First I’m supposed to tell you about a memorable hug, then I’m supposed to send some blugs around to my favorite bloggers.  So here I go:

I love hugs!  I’m such a hugger and I love to receive hugs.  Bring on the hugs!  I believe world peace can be accomplished one hug at a time.  I come from a fairly affectionate family.  When I see my family, I always expect and receive a hug.  When I see friends, we hug.  When I depart from friends and family, we hug.  Love me some hugs!

I can’t say that I remember one particular hug over another.  I receive and give hugs all the time.  The best hugs are those unexpected hugs that someone gives when you really need it.  You don’t have to ask for it.  That person can tell you need a hug so thats what they do.  This past Sunday, one of the youth girls crossed the room and gave me a hug.  She said she thought I needed a hug and I did.  I think she needed one too.

Now I’m going to pass on some Blugs to my fellow bloggers.  These ladies just happen to be some of my homeschool co-op peeps also.

Sharon @ Keen Inspirations

Jewels @ Jewel Sightings

Bretta @ Creativity Unleashed

I love these women. They make my day bright and joyous when we get together on Tuesdays.

Passing on some Blugs,

The Milk Maid

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