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He makes me laugh!

My Little Man is a constant source of humor in our house.  We have all forgotten what it is like having a 3 year old in our lives. All the nieces, nephews, and cousins in our lives are past this stage of life.  The Little Man is always saying something or performing some act that makes us all giggle and wonder at how his little brain works.

His favorite phrases are “I can’t” and “I don’t know” which is accompanied by a sad face with which he expects to extract some pitty from you.  He runs about the house screaming “Spider!  AAAHHHH!”.  The Little Man enjoys attaching himself to your leg and becoming yet another appendage for you to carry around.

My favorite performance as far happened this morning.  Ever since he became a part-time member of our household, he conveniently goes “poo” when The Hubby is at home; thus allowing The Hubby the duty of wiping him.  Well this morning was yet another morning of going “poo” and yelling for uncle to come wipe him.  He then gallantly marches into the dining room where I am situated, britches in his hand, not on his body, turns his bare rear end to me and says “Look, No poo in my butt!”.  I giggled and said, “Yes, now lets get those shorts back on”.

I guess this is a great accomplishment for a 3 year old.  He was so proud and was eager for some praise.  How can I deny him that simple pleasure?  I simply can not!

Oh how he makes me laugh,

The Milk Maid


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Aw Shucks!

Yesterday evening, The Hubby came home with bushels and bushels of corn.  The pastor of our church had given us this corn from his garden.  What an abundant blessing!  The first thought through my mind was “Yummy!  Lots of corn!”.  The second thought through my mind was “Oh no!  I’m leaving in less than 2 days for my vacation.  What am I going to do with all this corn?”.  After some consultation between The Hubby and I, we decided to start tackling the project that evening and finish ( the remaining portion) the next day.

After dinner clean up, we (The Hubby, Thing 1, Snapper, Little Man, and I) sat out in the yard along the cow pasture shucking corn in the dusk of the evening.  Now let me give you a little visual of this precious family time.  Thing 1 had just emerged from the shower minutes before.  She was in her PJs with her hair twisted up in a towel and wearing fuzzy winter boots.  Little Man bathed directly after dinner so he was sporting nothing more than an over sized shirt and a slightly damp head.  The remaining three of us were still in that day’s clothing.  We are in a semi-circle with a huge pile of corn in need of shucking in the center.

We jump into action.  With the night’s darkness creeping in on us, we needed to act fast!  Little Man had probably never shucked corn before.  He gave it his all and did quite well for an inexperienced 3 year old.  The girls and I moved at a fairly decent speed.  We paused and said “eeewww” at every silk worm we came upon.  I had, what I thought was, a great plan for extracting the silk worms without having to come in contact with them.  The Hubby moved at lightening speed and shucked three ears in the time it took the other 4 of us to each complete one.

This was such a wonderful family time.  I wish I had taken a picture.  I love when the family works together to put up food or take care of the animals.  The farm is a family operation and I enjoy sharing it with my family.  We have been truly blessed.

** Now let me take a moment to state that I am not “scared” of silk worms.  I am simply disgusted by them and every other non-legged creature.  EEEWWW!!!!!  Oh and caterpillars too!

We brought a Radio Flyer wagon full of shucked corn inside to the kitchen for cleaning and preparing.  Once again, we worked as a family.  The Hubby cut off the “yucky” parts and I cleaned the remaining silk from the cobs.  Snapper cut and sealed one end of the vacuum sealer bags.  Thing 1 researched and found a recipe for frozen creamed corn.  Thing 1 also placed the corn into the boiling water and kept track of the time.  After the corn was clean and boiled, The Hubby cut the corn from the cobb and the girls scraped the cream from the remaining carcass of a cob.  After mixing the corn with the cream, I bagged it up and vacuumed out the air.  By the end of the evening, we had 10 bags of creamed corn vacuum sealed, labeled, and ready to freeze and enough corn for 10 more bags left to complete the next day.

Where was Little Man during this part of the process?  In bed!

I awoke this morning with a list (a mile long) running through my head of the things that needed to be accomplished before we reunited with our beds tonight.  As I lay in bed contemplating my strategy for the day, I felt something move on my chest.  (yeah, you read that right)  AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I jumped out of bed screeching and searching for this thing that had victimized me.  As I look around and up and down myself, I don’t see anything!  I must have felt my hair brush across my chest because I can’t find the culprit anywhere.  Now I am out of bed and might as well start my day.  I go to pull my hair up into my morning ponytail, when I spot a long creepy crawly on my chest.  (I’m creeped out even as I type this.)  I fling my cami off over my head and the culprit goes flying though the air.  I leap onto my bed and screech for The Hubby to come save me from this horrible creature!  I’m convinced it is a centipede; as they are well known for being found in beds.  Of course, The Hubby comes flying into the room to my rescue.  Who is this culprit?  A silk worm!  EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!  (GAG!  CREEPY! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I can’t even think about it with out my stomach tying itself into a knot.  That thing slept in my bed with me all night?  Possibly in my hair?  I’m going to need therapy now for sure!

At least the shucking (silk worm) portion of the corn production is over.  We have the remaining portion of the corn to complete this evening and we will have quite a store of frozen corn available to us this winter!  Yay!  Thanks to the Lord and my pastor for blessing our family!

Up to my ears in corn (and silk worms),

The Milk Maid

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Over the past 3 weeks, The Hubby and I have been contemplating a small quick vacation for the family.  We needed a vacation we could take in a week or less.  We needed it to be in our budget.  And The Hubby needed to clear some time in his schedule to take this so-called schedule.

The location has changed approx 4 times since the begging of our planning session 3 weeks ago.  The Hubby finally gave me a time frame last week, then put me on hold due to a change in his schedule.

BUT FINALLY…. The hotel room is booked and tickets are purchased.  We are headed to Williamsburg, Virginia next week!  I am ubber excited.

Historic Williamsburg



Busch Gardens

Water Country USA

Doesn’t that all sound like so much fun!

We haven’t vacationed as a family in 2 years.  I am sure I will be packed and ready to go before the departure day arrives.  Packing lists need to be made.  The girls need new suitcases.  So much to do!

Yay me!

The Milk Maid

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Have you given up on me yet?  Did you think I’d never come back?  I wasn’t so sure myself.

It has been an extremely busy summer for me and my family.  After two weeks of initial recovery from my surgery in May, we headed off to Alabama for a missions trip with Builders for Christ.  Two weeks later, our friends, The Price Family, came for a month-long stay.  During three of these weeks, The Hubby and I, along with Mother Price and her teenage daughters, counseled children at our church’s bible camp.  One week, Thing 1 attended a Horse/Bible Camp.  One week, Snapper and I headed to Nashville, TN for a music camp.  Snapper learned so much during that time and we hope to return next year.

After Mother Price and her brood departed for their new home in Florida, we enjoyed one week with a taste of normalcy.  But there was still one more week of camp to accomplish before life returned to normal.  On the first day of August, Snapper headed to Diabetes Camp.  Thing 1 and I spent this week having some “woman” time and lots of shopping!

Now it is August 10th, and we are beginning our second day back to school; homeschool that is.  The first day started out bumpy and I lost my temper right away.  Today, is starting better.  The girls are in the kitchen making themselves some breakfast.  Soon they will sit down at their perspective tables (Thing 1 in the breakfast room and Snapper in the dining room), and start their schoolwork.

Our local homeschool co-op will resume at the end of the month.  The girls are registered for classes and eager to get started.  I have once again taken up the hat of Commitment Coordinator for the co-op.  I love my administrative position and wouldn’t trade it for a teaching position for all the riches in the world.  I can teach my kids but I’m not quite so gracious when teaching others.

I love this feeling of normalcy.  I have found that I needed it more than I knew.  I have been feeling out of sorts during the last few weeks.  We adults thrive with structure and scheduling just as much as children do.

After such a busy summer and with hunting season coming up (The Hubby), we decided to dry up our milk cow for a season.  We have been with out milking duties for about two weeks now.  I miss it but enjoy the freedom.  We are purchasing raw milk from friends who are also family.

I hope to get back to my blogging on a regular basis again.

See you soon,

The Milk Maid

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The past 3 nights were spent camping (tent style) on an island in the lake.  The island could be walked across in approx 20 large steps.  The width of the island was just enough to comfortably settle in two tents and have room to breath.  It is important to inform you (readers) that I am NOT a tent camping kind of gal.  I prefer the RV style camping any day but unfortunately you can’t get an RV on an island in the middle of the lake.  This trip was The Hubby’s idea for Father’s Day.  I was reluctant at first but can say that I truly enjoyed the experience.

My dad joined us for two of the nights.  We have recently butted heads over some business matters so I was relieved to see him enjoying himself and taking the time to spend with our family.  He made comments like “I haven’t done this in years” and “I’ve not slept that well in ages”.  I know he enjoyed himself and I am thankful he shared the experience with us.  He even made an awesome Chicken and Dumplings over the camp fire the last evening we were there.  YUMMY!

I don’t consider myself a list making person but I have compiled a list of pros and cons to camping on an island.


1)  Lack of proper bathroom areas.

2)  Boat is the only form of transportation to and fro.

3)  Noisy neighbors on the next island over.

4)  I’m not a “camp fire” chef.

5) BUGS!

6) Sleeping on an air mattress in a tent doesn’t produce a full nights sleep.

7)  Running home (4 miles away) twice a day to milk my cow.


1) The island is all yours.

2)  Water, water every where…

3)  Snapper (formerly known as Thing 2) fished for hours and enjoyed ever minute of it.

4)  Swimming!

5) There is a beautiful sun rise and sun set to be beheld over the water every morning and evening.

6)  Family time…. You are on an island… What else is there to do?

7) The early morning fog settling on the lake and the base of the surrounding mountains.  Beautiful!

Every morning the lake was so still and the world was quiet.  A fog settled in upon the lake and you could barely make out the mountains surrounding you.  It was so peaceful!  The kind of peace that brings to mind the Bible verse that says “Be still and know that I am God”.  It was those morning times that made all the pros look so much better than the cons.

This is the sunset the last night we were camping.

Snapper is sitting in the water fishing.

You can’t see her pole very well in this picture but it is there.

The Milk Maid

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…………………………………………………………………….  That is how I feel today.

Just …………………………………………………………………………

Ya know what I mean?

I deserve a spanking and I’m getting it!  I did all kinds of chores on Monday that I was not supposed to do and now I’m hurting; still two days later.  I can make up excuses for my rebellious behavior but the truth is I knew better and I did it anyways.  Its like telling your child not to touch fire because it will burn them yet they don’t know it really burns them till they touch it.

I’ve experienced two HOT flashes these past few days.  I’m assuming they are related to my ovaries adjusting to life with out the uterus; or so I’ve read on the HysterSister website.  I’ve been weepy a couple of times.  I assume again that this is just another hormone related activity.

Tomorrow is my post-operation appointment.  I’m hoping for a release to light duty.  Truthfully, I’m probably not going to be able to do much because I feel like I’ve set my recovery back a little after my fiasco on Monday.  (SPANK)

Can I say something here in my defense?  My family has been wonderful in taking care of me and taking on all my chores along with their own.  Truly, they have been wonderful.  BUT… Sunday rolled around and I was feeling better, so I went to church.  I think this gave the appearance that I was up and able again.  They started making comments about getting tired of my recovery time; very subtle comments about me getting back to doing my own chores.  So, I thought maybe I should give it a go; maybe my feeling a little better was a sign for me to get up and do a little more.  NO!  I felt fine during the process but that evening and the past two days have been painful.  Lesson Learned?  Maybe. 🙂 (SPANK)

My wonderful mother-in-law is coming this morning to get the girls.  They are going to spend the day and night with her.  I’ll pick them up tomorrow after my appointment.  I’ll be home alone all day till The Hubby comes home after work.  I’ll take time to rest and maybe sneak in a nap.  HULU is my constant companion.


The Milk Maid

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All this sunshine… All this warm weather.. All the soft breezes…All the perfectly mild evenings…All this for me????

Hot Peppers

Sweet Peppers and Tomatoes

Bringing some water to her daddy.  Sweet Thing 2!

Catching some air on the trampoline

Chillaxin in the Pergola

Yeah, I know… Coolness…

The clothes line I’ve been asking for finally happened!

Thing 2 planted these for me

She had so much fun planting

The dogs needed to find shade… Why?

Enjoyed my sister and her family visiting

Grilling out and eating in the pergola

Did I mention how much I love my pergola?

The bestest sister ever!

Her first S’more ever.

We were obviously deprived children.

The kids loved roasting marshmallows.

I made my own fire and cooked this chicken all by myself!  Yay me!




The Milk Maid

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