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The Daddy of our Family

A friend recently pointed out to me that my family is blessed to have so much time with The Hubby.  He doesn’t leave most mornings till 9 or 10 am.   He is in and out of the house a couple of times each day before his actual “coming home” in the evening.  The Hubby has a very flexible schedule and can take off early or go in late.  He is the boss and owner of his company; thus has employees to keep things running even when he can’t be on the work site.

Today, Labor Day, he left the house around 9:30 am.  We had been up for at least 2 hours by this time; everyone fed and started school. The Hubby returned home at 1:30 pm to take us all out on the lake for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  This isn’t something just happens on holidays but random days when he feels the need to spend more time with the family.

My friend, that reminded me of this small blessing, is the mother of a military family.  Her husband is gone for days, weeks, and months at a time.  He is fighting for our freedom!

My sister’s husband is a trucker.  He can be absent from the home as little as 2 weeks and as much as 7 weeks at a time.  She often feels like a married single mother.

Many families have father’s with 9 to 5 jobs and get one week’s vacation each year.  They are required to work as scheduled and the family time is planned around it.  There is much to be said for a steady job like this.

Every family is different and they all have different kinds of Daddy’s.  I’m thankful for the “Daddy” of my little family.  He is a hard-working, dedicated man.  He is a loving father and husband.  We are truly blessed!

The Wife of The Daddy,

The Milk Maid


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