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Milk Rations

While I am enjoying the lack of commitment to my 1/2 ton milk cow, I am starting to miss the never ending supply of milk that came with said commitment.  I am purchasing raw milk from a family that is family in the biological sense and family in the religious sense.  I am glad they are there to supply us with milk and to keep our urge to eat healthier viable.

Yet, I am feeling slightly constrained and committed to my new source of milk.  I am limited to my two gallons a week; as compared to the 21 gallons we were receiving from Maisy.  I am of course purchasing the milk with tangible dollars; as compared to the 2 hours each day I put toward collecting and cleansing the milk from Maisy.  I have to ration out our milk usage.  I don’t want to run out before the next week’s pick up date.  I want to make yogurt and soft cheeses.  I want to make butter!  Yet, I don’t feel like I can “waste” the milk we have available.

We have purchased 1/2 a share of a Jersey bull with our milk providing family purchasing the other 1/2.  They will use him for breeding their cows this month and we will let him court our cows next month.  After he is done getting his groove on with all the single ladies on both farms, he will be meat in my freezer.  He is a multipurpose bull!

So hopefully, he will impregnate (one if not all of) our 3 breeding age cows.  We hope to have some calves birthed around July of next year.  Once the calves are 1 week old, we can start collecting milk for our own usage again!  Yay!

But that is 10 months away!  Meanwhile, I am thankful for the milk we do have and look forward to the abundance of milking from my own cow again next year!  When I start feeling over whelmed by the gallons and gallons of milk I have this time next year, make sure you remind me of this post and how much I wanted all that milk.

The Milk Maid


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