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No, not like that!

My nephew, who I will refer to as Little Man, will be spending 3 or more days a week with the girls and me.  We have been excited about spending time with him, teaching him, and loving on him.

Little Man is three years old.  He is cute as a button.  This morning was his first day with us and he walked in so happily without any fuss.  He wanted to watch “a movie” so we turned on our Wii with Netflix.  He is sitting beside me watching “Caillou”.  I can remember when my girls loved watching that show.

Having a three-year old (boy) in the house is going to take some adjusting, but I don’t mind; it’s all worth it in the end.

Loving the new man in my life,

The Milk Maid


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I’ve made so much progress this week and it’s only Tuesday.  Two days of school under our belt.  Today was much better than yesterday.  If each day gets better, I won’t know what to do 180 days into this!

Yesterday held much work.  Of course there was school and I worked on organizing the current registered co-op members.  I canned 8 1/2 pints of Hot Pepper Salsa and 13 pints of Strawberry Fig Jam.  I took the left over fruit and treated the family with a cobbler.

Today, we schooled again and I worked on co-op administration again.  Snapper is enjoying her new computer based curriculum.  Thing 1 is taking on a very challenging curriculum this year.  I enjoy watching them soak up new knowledge.  A trip into town rewarded me with over $200 savings on my groceries.

I have enjoyed being productive.  It’s nice to feel accomplished.  But at the end of the day, we have been enjoying some Netflix on the Wii.  Cuddling with my girls and The Hubby is a nice way to end the day.

The Milk Maid

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Have you given up on me yet?  Did you think I’d never come back?  I wasn’t so sure myself.

It has been an extremely busy summer for me and my family.  After two weeks of initial recovery from my surgery in May, we headed off to Alabama for a missions trip with Builders for Christ.  Two weeks later, our friends, The Price Family, came for a month-long stay.  During three of these weeks, The Hubby and I, along with Mother Price and her teenage daughters, counseled children at our church’s bible camp.  One week, Thing 1 attended a Horse/Bible Camp.  One week, Snapper and I headed to Nashville, TN for a music camp.  Snapper learned so much during that time and we hope to return next year.

After Mother Price and her brood departed for their new home in Florida, we enjoyed one week with a taste of normalcy.  But there was still one more week of camp to accomplish before life returned to normal.  On the first day of August, Snapper headed to Diabetes Camp.  Thing 1 and I spent this week having some “woman” time and lots of shopping!

Now it is August 10th, and we are beginning our second day back to school; homeschool that is.  The first day started out bumpy and I lost my temper right away.  Today, is starting better.  The girls are in the kitchen making themselves some breakfast.  Soon they will sit down at their perspective tables (Thing 1 in the breakfast room and Snapper in the dining room), and start their schoolwork.

Our local homeschool co-op will resume at the end of the month.  The girls are registered for classes and eager to get started.  I have once again taken up the hat of Commitment Coordinator for the co-op.  I love my administrative position and wouldn’t trade it for a teaching position for all the riches in the world.  I can teach my kids but I’m not quite so gracious when teaching others.

I love this feeling of normalcy.  I have found that I needed it more than I knew.  I have been feeling out of sorts during the last few weeks.  We adults thrive with structure and scheduling just as much as children do.

After such a busy summer and with hunting season coming up (The Hubby), we decided to dry up our milk cow for a season.  We have been with out milking duties for about two weeks now.  I miss it but enjoy the freedom.  We are purchasing raw milk from friends who are also family.

I hope to get back to my blogging on a regular basis again.

See you soon,

The Milk Maid

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Yep, a grandmother to a new born chick.

Thing 2 hatched out a chicken via incubator today.  The egg has been in incubation for 21 days which just happens to be the average amount of days for a chicken egg.  She is overly excited.  She lays beside the incubator, in the floor, and talks to it.  So sweet!

Click on the slide show below to see our picture record of the exciting event that took around 3 hours total.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to Thing 1 and her baby chick… There are 3 more eggs in the incubators.  Maybe we will have more in the next day or so…. Stay Tuned!


The Milk Maid

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Twas the night before co-op

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Not even a mouse

The book bags were hung

By the banister with care

In hopes that 7 o’clock

Would soon be there

The girls were tucked into their beds

While visions of pop-quizzes dancing in their heads

Dad in his sleep pants and I in my gown

Headed to bed to lay our heads down

We had just started to rest our eyes

When the alarm went off

And the sun rose in the sky

We jumped to our feet

And ran to the shower

We have so much to do

And we only have an hour

As we dress in our Tuesday best

I remember Thing 1 didn’t study for her test

Dad eats his yogurt and I eat my toast

Then I run to the freezer to get out the roast

I squat by the cow

I push up my sleeve

I’ve gotta get this done

Only 30 minutes till we leave

The cow has been milked

The girls have been fed

They can’t find their hair brush

I say ” Use the comb instead”

Thing 1 grabs her book bag

Thing 2 looks for her purse

I can’t find my folder

Can this day get any worse?

Dad gives us all kisses

We head out to the car

Did anyone remember

To grab the tadpoles in the jar?

Down the road we go

To the church we head

Oh NO!

My cell phone is dead!

I’m running so late

I put the peddle to the floor

We pull up in time

To beat Bretta through the door

The clocks strikes nine

As we walk through the door

The year is nearly over

Only three weeks more!

To my co-op peeps!

The Milk Maid

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  1. We have had such beautiful weather here in the north Georgia mountains.  Perfect weather… not too hot, a slight breeze, a few clouds, lots of sun…. Perfect!
  2. I have successfully completed a menstrual cycle with the use of cloth pads.  Loved it!  I’ll never go back to disposables.
  3. I attended my second bi-annual ladies retreat called the Sista-Herd.  My good friend, Michele, coordinates and hosts these retreats.  The location was Kure Beach, NC.
  4. I got to spend about 2 hours on the beach while in Kure Beach, NC.  The water was still quite cool, so I only dipped my feet into it.
  5. My cousin attended the retreat with me.  I really enjoyed her company and sharing our thoughts with each other.  She is such a blessing!
  6. One of my hats is Bookkeeper.  I keep the books for the local bowling alley, which is leased by my family and ran by my father.  I have lots of experience in this area but have never dealt with sales tax.  It’s been an interesting journey trying to figure it all out.
  7. I’m loving my soap nuts!  I wash the laundry with it, clean my house with it, and I’ve even tried it out as a shampoo.  Not the best shampoo but a great cleaner.
  8. I have started purchasing some of our homeschool curriculum for the next school year.  My friend, Michele (see #3), had some Saxon Alegbra curriculum laying around, so I snagged it at an awesome price.  I’m looking at Switched on Schoolhouse for Thing 2 next year.  Michele has that also, so I’m probably going to try to purchase it from her also.  I love having friends that homeschool also.  Used curriculum is just as good as the new.
  9. Do you ever hear a song and think “that song is perfect for my life right now”?  I do.  My current song is “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore” by Bon Jovi.  Lets just say that the marriage home-front has been a little rocky lately.
  10. My friend, Sharon, has lent me her 17 yr old son, whom we loving refer to as Sunshine Boy,  for manual labor around the farm.  I have a list of things I really want to accomplish before the summer gets here and The Hubby is just too busy to do it all.  Hired help works just as well, I guess.
  11. Sunshine boy spent one day last week helping me start my square foot gardens.  Well, they aren’t exactly square but they look awesome.  We had some landscaping block laying around the property that we used to start the beds.  It gives them a very lovely appeal.
  12. So far, I have planted Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce and Onions.  I really want to start some sweet peas also, but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any at the local lawn and garden depots.
  13. I spent most of one day last week in the Atlanta.  Thing 2’s endocrinologist is located down there.  We drive 2.5 hours each way every 2 – 3 months for a check up and blood work.  We have gotten used to the drive and make a day of it each time.  This is the closest Pediatric Endocrinologist to our area.  (We live a long way from everything, but I like it that way.)
  14. After our trip to ATL, I stopped in at a friend’s house to get my hair cut.  Not just cut but CHOPPED!  10 inches to be exact!  I am donating it to Locks for Love.  My hair has never been that long in my life and I am excited to be able to give it to a good cause.BeforeAfter
  15. I enjoyed a smoothie at Starbucks with another friend, Jewels, that same day.  I stopped drinking coffee almost 2 months ago, so I chose an orange mango banana smoothie instead.  Great Drink, Great Conversation, Great Friend!
  16. My mom surprised me with a visit this past weekend.  She and my step-dad, who is fondly referred to as GrandBob, visit us about 4 times a year.  They live 4 hours away, so we visit them a few times a year and they visit us a few times a year.
  17. We don’t do the Easter Bunny thing.  You know… “Here comes Petter Cotton Tail hopping down the bunny trail…”  In fact, we don’t do Santa, Tooth Fairy, or any other imaginary person or creature.  It all started when Thing 2 was terrified that the Tooth Fairy would touch her in her sleep and she didn’t want to go to sleep.  Both, Thing 1 and Thing 2, were terrified of Santa and the Easter Bunny when I would take them for pictures each year.  By the time Thing 1 was 6 or 7 we decided that it was all a big lie anyways, so why continue torturing our children with it all.
  18. But… We did hunt Easter eggs with my sister’s kids.  147 eggs were hid and only 140 were found.  We know that Pie, one of our dogs, was spotted carrying one off, but the rest are to be found by the lawn mower or the other dogs at a later date.
  19. We have a new game for our Wii. (You know what a Wii is right?)  It is Super Mario Bros Wii.  It is a family friendly intense game that truly made me break out into a full blown sweat!  I had to apply extra deodorant and change shirts.  I haven’t sweat like that in a long time.  Its not a physical game like a lot of the Wii games are but it is stressful!  I loved it!
  20. We are a game loving family.  We play video games, board games, card games, out door games, etc.  It is our family time.
  21. My life is so crazy busy.  It took me three different sit downs to complete this post.  A vacation sounds great!

The Milk Maid

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When I wake up in the morning, I don’t shower and get dressed.  I pull my hair up in a pony tail and put on my comfy clothes.  This can consist of various different coordinating and non-coordinating pieces of clothing.  I have a couple of different pairs of fuzzy pants that I find to be especially warm and cozy.  My shirt of choice is usually a T-shirt earned from a mission trip, retreat, or summer camp.  If I’m really cold, I’ll top it off with my one and only sweat shirt. Oh and NO BRA!  Don’t even get me started on the evils of the “bra”!

I never leave the house looking like this.  I tried once and Thing 2 so honestly asked me (after allowing me to parade myself through the local Dollar General), “Mom, are you wearing you pajamas?”  I answered, “No.”  To which she so beautifully replied, “Well, it looks like it and its really embarrassing!”  My girls don’t tell me I’m embarrassing very often, so I made a CAPS LOCK mental note to not wear my comfy clothes out in public.

Being a homeschool mom with no real agenda in the mornings, I can get away with not making myself “up” first thing in the morning.  I get the girls up, fed and started on their school work.  I milk the cow.  I start my chores and office work.  I do all this in the comfort of my comfy clothes topped off with a glorious (unbrushed) pony tail.  I’m usually ready to shower, brush my hair and teeth, and make myself presentable around 11:00 (am).

I have been caught in my comfy clothes a couple of times by unexpected visitors.  My girls give the alert; “Mom, someone is here!”  To which I respond by rushing to the bedroom to quickly (record speed I’m sure) put on a bra and straighten my (still unbrushed) hair as to look half way acceptable to the surprise visitor on the other side of my front door.

I love my comfy clothes!  I get back into them as soon as I can get away with it in the evening.  They make me happy and it’s those little things in life that do it for me.

Oh So Comfy,

The Milk Maid

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