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I’m Back!  It’s been 15 days since my last post.  I promise I’ve not been a slacker.  I’m continuing to recover from my surgery and I was gone for a week on a mission trip.

Yesterday was 4 weeks since my surgery.  I’m feeling better everyday.  I tire easily and sleep hard.  This road to recovery is long and slow.  Everyone tells me to take it easy so my body can heal quicker.  I know!  Its just so hard to sit back and watch everyone do everything that you can’t do.  I was able to make supper for my family for the first time this week.  It felt good to get back to a semi-normal routine.

Last week, my family and I traveled to the quaint town of Hartselle, Alabama.  We along with about 100 other people helped frame the interior of the future sanctuary for Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  This is our 5th year and 7th church with Builder’s for Christ.  Since The Hubby is a builder by trade this is a perfect family mission trip.  We look forward to seeing our friends every year and every year we make new friends.

Thing 2 cut 10 inches off her hair.  One of the ladies with Builders for Christ is a beautician and did the honors of chopping off Thing 2’s hair.  Her new hair do is so cute.  I’ll post pictures once I get around to downloading them all off my camera.

And so our summer is off to a busy start and will continue to be so till the end.  The Hubby and I help will help with 2 weeks of summer camp at our church camp.  Thing 1 will attend two summer camps.  Thing 2 will attend 3 summer camps.  Our dear friends, the Price family, will come visit for about 3 1/2 weeks during July.  Thing 1 and I have birthday’s in July.  We will spend hours by the county pool or on the boat on the lake.

So much fun!  I love summer time!

The Milk Maid


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…………………………………………………………………….  That is how I feel today.

Just …………………………………………………………………………

Ya know what I mean?

I deserve a spanking and I’m getting it!  I did all kinds of chores on Monday that I was not supposed to do and now I’m hurting; still two days later.  I can make up excuses for my rebellious behavior but the truth is I knew better and I did it anyways.  Its like telling your child not to touch fire because it will burn them yet they don’t know it really burns them till they touch it.

I’ve experienced two HOT flashes these past few days.  I’m assuming they are related to my ovaries adjusting to life with out the uterus; or so I’ve read on the HysterSister website.  I’ve been weepy a couple of times.  I assume again that this is just another hormone related activity.

Tomorrow is my post-operation appointment.  I’m hoping for a release to light duty.  Truthfully, I’m probably not going to be able to do much because I feel like I’ve set my recovery back a little after my fiasco on Monday.  (SPANK)

Can I say something here in my defense?  My family has been wonderful in taking care of me and taking on all my chores along with their own.  Truly, they have been wonderful.  BUT… Sunday rolled around and I was feeling better, so I went to church.  I think this gave the appearance that I was up and able again.  They started making comments about getting tired of my recovery time; very subtle comments about me getting back to doing my own chores.  So, I thought maybe I should give it a go; maybe my feeling a little better was a sign for me to get up and do a little more.  NO!  I felt fine during the process but that evening and the past two days have been painful.  Lesson Learned?  Maybe. 🙂 (SPANK)

My wonderful mother-in-law is coming this morning to get the girls.  They are going to spend the day and night with her.  I’ll pick them up tomorrow after my appointment.  I’ll be home alone all day till The Hubby comes home after work.  I’ll take time to rest and maybe sneak in a nap.  HULU is my constant companion.


The Milk Maid

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That describes how I feel today.  I just want to lay in bed, waller in my own pity, cry a self-pity cry, and HULU the day away.  This is the first day since my surgery that I have felt like this.  I don’t know if it is hormones (I still have my ovaries) or just a byproduct of 9 days of NOTHING!

Okay, not really NOTHING.  I have had some awesome peeps drop by this week.  My lovely friends, Sarah and Faith, dropped by on Monday.  They brought food and visited for a while.  Sarah gave me a pedicure which was oh so divine!  I love having pretty toes and I don’t get them very often.  Then on Wednesday, my sweet and dear friends, Penni, Cassie, Mandie, and Kelli, came by in the morning.  When they arrived, Thing 1 was in the process of putting up an escaped cow, so Penni helped wrangle it back into the pasture.  These awesome ladies cleaned my kitchen and weeded my garden.  They brought casseroles for the freezer and fridge.  I have received 3 cards in the mail and a get well package from my homeschool co-op peeps.  Truly I am blessed with the best of friends and I am honored to be counted amongst them!

I am officially a HULU junkie!  You know what HULU is right?  All that TV that you cut off cable for (because it is nothing you want your kids watching) available on the internet the day after it shows on cable or satellite TV.  I am completely caught up on “House”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “Bones”.  I have watched all the available episodes to “90210” and “Chuck” which are new shows to me.  And I’m out to find some other new shows to enjoy.

I call The Hubby two to three times everyday while he is a work to express my boredom.  He is really quick sympathetic and caring about it all.  I wasn’t feeling all that great yesterday afternoon and he offered to come home to take care of me.  Truly he has been great all through these 9 days.  He has tried to lift my spirits by teasing me and watching movies with me.  I won’t mention that he called me “fat and sassy” while on the phone with his mother.  STINKER!

One might think that being waited on for everything would be quite the luxury.  One might think it nice to not have to cook for 2 weeks minimum.  Right?  Not that I’m complaining…. But when one is accustomed to doing things for one’s self, it is very hard to depend upon everyone else in one’s life to do everything for you.  Thing 2 is never in a hurry for anything.  She lives at her own pace.  When I’m hungry, I need something to sustain me pretty quickly.  Thing 2 sees no need to hurry.  My sister has been over several evenings to help with dinner and such (which has been mostly warming up food since my peeps have been providing meals).  This allows things to move along a little faster.  The laundry is a little behind schedule.  Not that it really had a schedule but it’s not getting done like I would have done it.  Ya know?  And I know that they are trying hard and taking on more than they are used to… I’m really not complaining… It’s just hard to sit here and do NOTHING!

Well, I’m rambling now.  I’ll just conclude by saying that it is a hard thing as a happily married woman to go SIX weeks without sex. That is all I have to say about that!

Wallering in my own pity,

The Milk Maid

P.S.  Waller is southern for wallow. I’m not sure how you would spell it considering it is a slang word.

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This sitting around and healing business can be boring!  I’m completely dependent upon my family for food and such.  I can’t just get up and fix myself something to eat when I get hungry.  There is only so much I can do while sitting on the couch or lying in bed.  Boring!  I’m socially deprived!  Though I was able to video chat with a friend last night via Skype.

I really over did it yesterday.  I ventured outside to sit in a chair in the yard.  I was bored inside and needed to get out of these confining walls.  My aunt and uncle came over with supper for us and they stayed to eat and chat.  I sat on the porch in the evening.  There must have been too much walking going on yesterday because by bed time last night I was not feeling so good.  My body ached.  My head really hurt!  I was light headed.  I had lots of nausea.  I had the shakes.  I was not feeling good at all!

I’ve not had much of an appetite lately either.  I’m not sure if this is to be blamed on the surgery, the medicine or both.  Friends and family have brought over such yummy foods for us and I have only been able to sample small portions of each goodie.  I am a food loving fool!  I don’t like not being able to eat all these scrumptious meals.  A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BROUGHT FOOD TO US!

Thing 2 and I are home alone this morning.  The Hubby and Thing 1 have gone to church.  Thing 2 wanted to stay at home with me and I welcomed the company.  I mean, who is going to make me breakfast if everyone is at church?  We will probably snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie until the other two get home.

Oh the life of a home bound Milk Maid….

The Milk Maid

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6:15 am, Wednesday, May 19th

We arrived at the hospital for registration and pre-op.  My surgery was the first one of the day.  The Hubby and I settle into my little pre-op area as the nurse preps me for surgery.  She gives me an IV and starts fluids.  She puts compression wraps on my legs.  The anesthesiologist comes in to speak with me about the surgery and what to expect afterward.  In this conversation, I am informed that I will be staying overnight at the hospital.  WHAT?  For some reason, The Hubby and I thought I was going home a couple of hours after the surgery.  Outpatient, right?  NO, I would be required to stay overnight…. just in case….  The doctor and nurses wheel me away from my husband and that is the last thing I remember……………….

Until I woke up in the recovery room, hurting!  Oh I hurt!  And the not so competent male nurse wouldn’t give me anything to help with the pain until I was ready to go to my room.  Really?  I just had my uterus removed and you won’t give me anything for the pain? REALLY??  I asked him how the surgery went.  He said he didn’t know.  I asked lots of things to which I received no answer.  I HURT and I want ANSWERS!

Finally, I am rolled down the hall way to my room.  This not so competent male nurse asks me if I can move myself from the rolling bed to the other bed in my room.  REALLY?  I just had my uterus removed, I hurt, and lets not forget that you didn’t give me anything for the pain.  So to answer your question, NO, I can’t move my recently cut into body that is filled to lots of pain into the other bed.   Of course, I didn’t say all that but oh how I wanted to.  So with efforts of this nurse and a few others, they lift me into my hospital bed where I will spend the next 24 hours.

The next nurse that I am entrusted to is nice and competent.  She hooks me up to some antibiotics, some fluids, and lets not forget the morphine with a trusty little button that I get to push every 9 minutes if needed.  Thank you GOD!!!!  I kept my eye on the clock for at least the first 2 hours… pushing my trusty little button that delivers relief to my traumatized body….. every 9 minutes.  Needless to say, I slept a lot with all that pain medicine flowing through my body.

Later in the day, I felt better and didn’t feel the need to push my trusty little button quite so often.  The Hubby and my sister told me that the doctor said the surgery went extremely well.  He looked at my ovaries while in there and they looked great!

I received a few family visitors that evening.  My girls brought me some flowers and a card.  My aunt and uncle brought me flowers and visited with me for a while.

I finally ate some soup later that evening….. 3 bowls of soup.  I was hungry!  Okay?  I walked around the hospital later that evening (IV, catheter, etc in tow) as was required by the doctor.  I didn’t really feel like it helped anything, but it did get me out of that bed, so I was up for an adventure.

After my walk, I settled back into my hospital bed and dozed off to sleep.  NO ONE gets a full nights rest in a hospital.  Nurses were in and out of my room all night long; checking my vitals, hooking up bags of medicine and other fluids.  Not a lot of sleeping going on in that room.  Oh, and The Hubby slept on a teeny tiny fold out bed.  Lord love that wonderful man.    He didn’t sleep hardly at all.

Thursday, May 20th

I think the most painful part of my post surgery experience so far is having to endure a catheter.  Thankfully the nurse removed it promptly that morning.  Freedom to pee on my own!  Thank you Lord!

I was delivered breakfast around 8 am.  Soggy toaster waffles, under cooked scrambled eggs, sausage, and dry cereal.  GAG!  I ate what little I could bring myself to eat and The Hubby finished off the rest.

I was in heaven when I was finally allowed to take a hot shower.  Have I ever mentioned how much I loved to shower or soak in a bath?  Oh yeah!  I love it!  And I was allowed to put MY clothes on afterward in anticipation of going home.

Around 10 am I was finally released from the hospital with my prescription for pain medication in hand.  Thank You to my local CVS that must have pushed my meds through before everyone else’s.  The Hubby was in and out of there in no time.  I was really hurting again at this point and needed some relief.  I took a pain pill on the way home and climbed into bed immediately upon arrival.

4 hour nap later….. Oh how wonderful it is to sleep in your own bed!  Oh the bliss of uninterrupted sleep!  It does the body good!

I was feeling great so I played a round of Scrabble with Thing 2, my mom and my step-dad.  After sitting at the table with them for about 2 hours, my legs and feet started to swell.  I was sent to the living room to prop up my piggies and down some fluids.

I’m supposed to eat a high fiber diet these next few days and since I’ve never been required a high fiber diet, it has been an adventure in food label reading.  The whole wheat bun which held my chicken patty for supper had 5 grams of fiber and sweet peas have fiber too!

I ended Day #2 early.  I needed to catch up on my sleep and The Hubby was still feeling sleep deprived, so we went to bed early with hopes of a night filled with uninterrupted sleep.

Friday, May 21st

Well, I’m glad The Hubby got lots of sleep because I woke up every other hour or so to use the rest room or take a pain pill.  I did get some rest but I can for see this day as a day filled to naps to make up for the lack of uninterrupted sleep the past two nights.

My pain level is pretty low as long as I am sitting on my rump with my legs propped up.  I can tell this is going to be two very long weeks of recovery.  But like the doctor said, “Two weeks is only a short time in the expanse of your life”.  I’m hoping for lots of company and entertainment.  I can’t do anything….. for two weeks!

Thanks to everyone that prayed for me and my surgery.  Please continue to pray for my recovery and my nerves as I learn to be humble and sit while others wait on me.  The Hubby is enjoying this new sense of control…. I’m helpless and he knows it.  Stinker!


The Milk Maid

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The past six months I have been in pain.  Lots of it.  Physical pain.  My uterus hurts.  Alot.

Last month, I went to see my doctor about all this pain I was experiencing.  It was getting worse and I was becoming an emotional mess!  I needed to know what was wrong.  I was hurting and I didn’t know why.   After an examination, Dr. B informed me that he believed me to have something called Adenomyosis.  There is no cure but a hysterectomy would make it all go away.  WOW!  That was a lot to take in.  I was seriously in emotional overload now.

I scheduled an appointment with one of the local OB GYNs for another exam and talk about what was going on inside my body.  Dr. D wasn’t there for my initial appointment so I saw the PA in his office.  The PA performed an exam and asked a boat load of questions.  I left the office not knowing any more than I had when I arrived and scheduled an ultrasound for the next day.  I went for my ultra sound (which looks like bad black and white TV to me) and once again left without any more info than before.

One week later, The Hubby and I went to see Dr. D for a consultation about the exam and ultrasound that I received the previous week.  Dr. D is an awesome doctor and Christian man.  He was so easy to talk to right away and The Hubby even liked him.  Dr. D told me that I had a prolapsed uterus.  This is basically an aftereffect (10 years later) of have two large babies (9 lbs 14 oz and 9 lb 4 oz).  He stated that this is something I could live with but never be able to lift anything over 25 pounds without fear of my uterus falling out.  And, of course, a hysterectomy to remove my uterus was an option.  Since I was previously aware that a hysterectomy was probably in my near future I had already put lots of thought and prayer into that option.  I certainly didn’t want to live the rest of my life in pain and unable to lift anything… I mean.. what kind of life would that be?

Hysterectomy it is!  Dr. D is only going to take my uterus.  I get to keep my ovaries.  Yay!  No hormone pills to worry about!

But wait… We have no insurance so how in the world are we supposed to pay for this procedure?  God is so good!  Dr. D have me a 50% discount on his fees and the hospital is going to knock part of the price off theirs also.

When?  May 19th.  So don’t expect any posts on that day, okay?

After the surgery, I am required two weeks on my rear end.  No household chores, no cooking, no nothing.  Can I get one of those bells to ring when I need something?  Probably not!  The Hubby and Thing 1 and 2 are going to be cooking and cleaning for two weeks.  Thing 1 and 2 are training to milk the cow so they can help when the time comes.  Please be in prayer for them as they take on a heavier load than before.

Here is to a future without this awful pain and no more menstrual cycles!

The Milk Maid

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Did you know that disposable tampons and menstrual pads are believed to be connected with cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and contain horrible toxins like dioxin?  There is a lot of information to be found about the health risks involved with disposable menstrual products.  The use of washable cloth menstrual pads is an eco-friendly and healthier alternative.

Crea8tive Mama is an Etsy shop owner who sells various packages of cloth handmade “fluff”.    She offers pads and liners.  The purchaser can choose what cloth patterns she would like her “fluff” to be made out of.

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Thanks for you participation!

The Milk Maid

**The owner of this blog did not receive any monetary or material payment for this give away.  The results of the give away are final.

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